Realms of Randorius

In the before time...

In stories told by all in the land of Randorius, the largest city-state kingdom, the drow king Chal’aun’ica (The Living Earth Baron) of the Do’zynge family, has kept the land under protection from fear of Fell beasts. Fells are being and constructs that have been deemed unearthly creatures that should not exist in this world. These beasts used to run amok throughout Randorius 500 years ago when the Eastern Walker of Darkness roamed the lands. Forces were brought together to hung the Walker. When confronted near Shemoria, which now lays in ruins, where the prison camps lay, the Walker disappeared at dawn when violent power unleashed and left Shemoria in debris and ash. Once the Walker disappeared from Randorius, the Fells numbers started to diminish all across the land. Soon the Fells disappeared altogether, leaving only the savage natives scouring about. Centuries have gone by since any sight of Fells.


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